czech republic

Aust. Grand Ch., Aust.Ch.
Pretorium Just U Are It

First Australien Grand Champion i Europe Kenell.

KCHT - Club of Terriers - Club Winner 2008

ČLP/JRT/714/08 - Stud dog

Born: 29. 05. 2004
Import: Australia
Australian Top Quality Lines

Father: Macullen Jack Flash
Mother: Pretorium Just Reana

Full dentition
AEP -o.B
Eyes - i.O
High 29 cm


Pretorium Just U Are It
Macullen Jack Flash Rosetta JR/Red Mustang Hocuspocus Too Stroke
Rosetta JR/ Resilience
Broughton Miss Clemntine Broughton Mr Jay Walker
Pretorium Just Gabbie
Pretorium Just Reana Mahkoolma Jack Idol Chumcreek/JRRegal Prince
Malung/JR Moyra
Mahkoolma Jack Neewa Mahkoolma Jack Man
Mahkoolma Jack Dawn

2 Years

64 x BOB, Au.Grand Champion, 24 x Challenge


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